Töö: Product Manager

  • Amet kuhu Weekdone's abikäsi ootame on tootejuht, kes võib vabalt olla tugevalt kaldu tootedisainile või tulla disainivaldkonnast, nagu paljud maailma parimad tootejuhid. Kuulutus pikemalt siin. Suur osa sellest tööst on toote kasutajaliidese defineerimine ja kõrgtaseme disain. Oleme avatud aga kandidaatidele, kes tahavad minna ka sügavamale toote ja selle kasutajaliidese disaini - tegu pole vaid tekstilise toote spetsifitseerimisega. Lisaküsimused teretulnud.

    Job opening: multi-talent startup Product Manager in Tartu

    Weekdone is looking for a multitalent product manager in Tartu, Estonia.

    Weekdone is one of the best known Estonian B2B technology startups. We're changing how people set their goals and companies manage their teams and talent. Our weekly and quarterly goal-setting and planning tool is used by hundreds of companies on all continents, from Fortune 500 teams like Whole Foods down to SME's and public sector.

    Weekdone is the winner of Slush, Europe's largest tech conference and Gold medal winner of Estonian Design Awards. We're backed by top investors from Europe, like KIMA Ventures, Rubylight, and Ahti Heinla from ex Skype/Kazaa.

    Product Manager is responsible for the roadmap planning and execution throughout the product lifecycle, including gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product strategy, working closely with devs, sales and marketing to make customers happy and company more revenue.

    Your responsibilities will be to:

    understand customer needs and wants, research users and communicate with them
    know how our product fits into the sector and ranks against competition
    get customer feedback about the product, analyze, organize and prioritize it
    translate customer feedback into actionable to-do for development
    written spec docs
    if needed, support by wireframes and flowcharts (can be pen-and-paper or Axure, your choice)
    communicate new features to our customers
    maintain a roadmap for internal and external use
    maintain support materials, landing pages and all written materials in sync with latest developments
    test the user experience of the product on real people
    continuously improve different parts of our product

    You are probably a good match if you:

    have worked on a software product as Product Owner, Product Designer, Product or Project Manager or founded a startup (doesn't matter if it was a "learning experience") or participated in a weekend hackathon (like Garage48)
    have installed more than 100 apps on your phone or signed up to more than 50 online services — knowing the popular user flows and trends, notice cool things and just like to keep yourself up to date of what's out there and possible
    understand the difference between building features and solving problems
    know tools, apps, methods and processes that make teams efficient (like Agile, Scrum, Google Sprint etc), and want to implement them
    like responsibility, and can follow the lifecycle of functionality from a customer comment to a fully developed feature
    are smart and extroverted
    don't use self-checkout at a supermarket because you like to communicate with people
    know what we mean by segmented button group overflow action menu dropdown
    can explain why the color green is better than red, and why stacked bar charts are good for comparing between each element in the categories, and comparing elements across categories
    noticed our footer version number links to a roadmap that's not maintained
    die a little inside when you see bad design and user experience, and have 5 ways to improve anything

    You will get from us:

    Usual startup stuff:
    xBox with Mortal Kombat X in office, free drinks, snacks
    dedicated 10-person team, with regular team events
    good pay, equity, sports and recreation compensation
    chance to improve yourself and the world
    You name it — what would you be happy with?

    You will be located in:

    Tartu, Estonia
    Startup Visa possibility


    To apply, tell us more about your experience and ambitions at: jk@weekdone.com.

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