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    Do you like cars? Have you ever wondered what happens behind the curtains when buying a new vehicle? Do you want to take part of disrupting one of the largest industries in the world?

    Autobahn is now looking for great new talent to join the cockpit. You will be the driver, if you have the following skills:

    About Autobahn

    Autobahn is an online platform for selling, ordering and delivering vehicles.

    Autobahn provides the full vehicle ordering, delivery and service lifecycle with real-time data. The focus is on process optimization and minimizing manual work. Autobahn helps automotive companies with the digital transformation. We are providing a platform to restructure the business operations and communication between manufacturers, importers and dealers.

    We are on a mission is to modernize the automotive industry's distribution channels and bring manufacturers, importers, dealers closer to the vehicle buyers.

    We are working with global automotive brands such as Volkswagen AG, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Jeep and Honda.

    Senior Software Developer

    We want you to be:

    * An ace at Node.js and / or PHP
    * Willing to learn and try new tech tools and concepts
    * Brave enough to take responsibility for the product you build
    * Passionate about building awesome products people love
    * Aware of processes behind software development and delivery
    * Able to maintain full software development and delivery cycle
    * Familiar with basic IT operations principles
    * Able to assist and mentor the engineering team


Good at following tools and technologies:

    * Git
    * Postgre
    * Node.js
    * PHP
    * Javascript
    * React
    * AWS
    * Docker

    We offer:
    * A chance to disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry
    * Freedom to work in your own way and make architecture decisions
    * Competitive salary and motivation package
    * Best tools you would need for the job
    * Yes – we celebrate milestones :) 

    Sounds interesting?
    Send us your CV with cover letter to: team@abahn.net

    Drive your way,
    Create an impact,
    Join Autobahn – the world of cars

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