Product + Design Meetup Tallinn

  • Juba esmaspäeval 15. mail 17.30st on Lift99's meie järjekordne [Product + Design] meetup.

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    Esinejad ja teemad - eriti esimene võiks disainirahvale rohkem huvi pakkuda, ka edasijõudnutele:

    Cesar Zeppini, Head of Design of Pocopay and ex-Pipedrive will cover the subject: "Design Style Guide: catching a moving train". He'll talk about the importance of creating one and maintaining it in every level of the production, from design to development, and of the responsibilities of the design team to do keep it going. He'll cover how they've done it in Pipedrive and how he now does it in Pocopay, being honest about our struggles and the obstacles he's are facing right now on trying to implement it.

    Katheriin Liibert from Fleep ( will talk about "Optimizing for focus in the age of notifications", along with practical examples of how everyone can reduce digital noise in their daily lives.

    Nele Sergejeva from Bigbank ( will talk about hiring project - - they did at Bigbank to get more hard to find developers to apply for them. This is the story of developers designing a hiring process for developers. A classic tale of dragon vs knight told to engage curious engineers bored of whiteboard interviews and ‘create a guestbook’ hiring homework.

    12. mai 2017 - 14:39:30 · Otselink

  • Pavel Karagjaur, Growth & Marketing at Taxify ( will cover how their team prioritizes product development for maximum impact on growth in a highly competitive industry.

    Lisaks peaks esinema Helen Kokk, disainer ja ‎Nortali User Experience and Service Design Lead.


    12. mai 2017 - 15:22:52 · Otselink