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    DUX is looking for a UI designer.

    With us you can challenge your skills and thinking in UX/UI projects. We work with local and foreign clients in a variation of areas like finance, tech, transport etc. We usually tackle a bit more complex UX/UI projects, but also sometimes we like to keep our skills fresh doing some more flashy visual stuff.

    We are looking for a designer who can visualize UI with style and also keeps in mind a good user experience. You don’t need to have extensive experience from the field working in agencies and design bureaus, but we do expect that you have some experience in UI design for clients so that you can show us some cool projects you have previously made. A good sense of style & aesthetics is important, as is being a normal person with a sense of humor. And of course main thing is that you have will to work in this field and improve your skills.

    We generally speak English in our office so it’s important you feel comfortable speaking it.

    Our office is located in Telliskivi hipster area and yes… we have drums in our office. After we shake hands there will be a testing period during which we can find out how we fit together. Also it’s possible to work part time. But let’s discuss further and in detail when we meet. Anything is possible.

    Just give us a shout out on hello@dux.ee . We want to find someone during August.


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