Looking for full stack developer

  • Hello fellows!

    We are starting to look for full stack developer in order to kick-off the rise of our upcoming product. So far we have been dealing with idea development and UI/UX. However, they are both under progress. Therefore, our team is in a lack of coding hands and is seeking for someone who would master both, front and backend.

    What exactly are we looking for?

    * HTML
    * CSS (some well-known framework)
    * Javascript

    Mainly PHP and databases

    While being more than aware that those two sides of web might not always go together, our team is open for every kind of application which might fit in our vision.

    What about benefits?

    * Be 100% part of our growth
    * Working together with a motivated team
    * Your learning curve will be more steeper than…
    * Office in the city center
    * Have the freedom to schedule your time and to work remotely

    Contact: info@unichange.eu

    07. jaanuar 2016 - 11:55:40 · Otselink