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november 2019



Hooli is a calendar and communication tool for elderly people. Aimed specifically towards people battling with dementia, it helps them give back their confidence through allowing control and understanding of their schedule. DUX was responsible for designing an accessible and clear interface suitable for elderly in these circumstances. The interface exists in a tablet which is accessible to the elderly person and the caretaker. The caretaker can set up the daily schedule via the admin system. With this project we found ourselves having a new approach to design principles and saw from different angle how some people understand and see time, colors, texts etc. Collaboration with Märt Jõesaar, product owner and in charge of user research and testing and FOB Solutions who were in charge of development.

UX/UI disain


  • Ux / ui disainer: Mariin Petoffer
  • Ux / ui disainer: Kevin Crepin
  • Ux / ui disainer: Kristian Lember


  • Analüütik: Märt Jõesaar
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