Freelancing Unity3D/Flash/iOS developers

  • Kustutatud 12 a

    Hi! I'm looking for freelancing Unity3D developers. Smaller production companies are also of interest.

    Primarily I'm looking to meet up in Tallinn and talk, but I have some upcoming projects that I need estimates for as well, so there's work in the pipeline.

    This also applies for Flash (ActionScript 3.0) developers as well as iOS developers.

    Posh is a small production company in Sweden and Estonia that makes games for events and trade fairs. Simple concepts to attract customers to trade fair booths that do not consist of brochure stands and candy. We've worked a lot with multitouch screens lately and now we have a lot of upcoming Unity3D projects, so we need both hardcore programmers and 3D designers for this! :)

    If you have experience in bridging technologies such as Wii, Xbox and Kinect with Unity/Flash - please get in touch!

    We'll be in Tallinn on December 1st and 2nd, so if you're interested in work let me know! :)

    You can reach me at

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