Flash Developer for Evolution Gaming (Tallinn)

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    Hi All,

    Evolution Gaming (www.evolutiongaming.com) is looking for a Flash developer for Tallinn office. Job requirements are listed bellow. If person passes the interview with head of development talk over a salary in the range of 2500-3500 brutto euro or a contract with personal company.

    So if you are interested, please email your cv to jlevin@evolutiongaming.com. We can setup a skype call and can feed you more details.


    Head of Tallinn Office

    Bare minimum:
    Minimum of 2 years’ experience working with the Flash IDE
    OOP and Class based coding proficiency
    Good control of the English language

    High importance:
    Experience working with the MVC design pattern
    Experience working with server-side services
    Basic proficiency in Adobe Photoshop
    Understanding of computer graphics (e.g. understanding the difference between raster and vector graphics)
    Good knowledge of JavaScript and HTML
    ActionScript 3 extensive experience

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