Urgent help required needing recoding flash movie in AS2

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    1 kamraad Londonist palus mul leida flashi oskust ja konkreetne jutt siis allpool. kui oled huvitatud, siis saada esimese hooga mulle meil chill@hot.ee ja mina annan siis juba tüübi kontaktid privaatsemalt. ise lepite hinnas kokku.



    A very bad choice in developer was made. They produced poor code and then walked off the project when they had difficulty fixing it.

    The problems are:
    • Every external image loads in 18 times and the xml 3 times!
    • The game should be playable before all images have loaded.
    • The page turn effect sould be much sexier – shadows, easing, gradients etc.
    • The structure of the movie is poor with each part a separate movie clip with duplicate code; rather than a single object used multiple times.
    • It probably needs recoding from scratch. The behaviour of the movie and it's appearance however is 90% correct.

    We need this ASAP. I would expect the developer to work the w/e to achieve this. Production needs to begin immediately. Happy to pay a premium rate for working around the clock to achieve this.

    Thank you,

    chill :)

    13. juuni 2007 - 00:40:14 · Otselink

  • tonal† 13 a

    las vaatab flashkiti boardist freelance alt, tõenäosus suurem leida vaba hakkamist.
    selline kellegi teise badcoded and ASAP needed asja tehavõtmine vajab hetkel teist kliimat.

    13. juuni 2007 - 10:10:24 · Otselink