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    We need a set of 10 icons o be used into a banking application.
    Application will be both on Computer and tablet , sharing same icons in all required size.

    1) icon need to be the following.
    a) icon for "your balance"
    b) icon for " your account activities"
    c) icon for "pay bills"
    d) icon for "your favorites"
    e) icon for "make payments"
    f) icon for "top up your mobile"
    g) icon for "your bank document"
    h) icon "contact your bank)
    i) icon "back home"
    l) some extra " technical ones" example " arrows" and other simple components (confirmation pin is ok, or red mark if error)
    i guess the latest are easier, but need to be in line with the others

    2) the icon need to be integrated into an application.
    in the image, you see we've used temporarily highly colored nuvola /crystal icon.

    3) customer have a digital style guide suggesting the hexadecimal colors and shapes to be used; we will share the document, bu we are pretty free.
    key point all have to be very understandable by anyone. To a immigrant, to a senior or to a nearly illiterate person.

    4) we shall need first a low quality sketch (even hand made if quality is presentable) of 2 options for the graphics, to show to customer for them to choose; final delivery will be vectorial 256x256 images, 128x128 images.

    5) icon at the end will be proprietary of Vegan . we need NDA signed before giving all documents.

    6) please let us have details on your questions and how you generally proceed on this kind of project.


    01. oktoober 2012 - 18:00:51 · Otselink