TÖÖ: Full-Stack Developer join GoWorkaBit :)

  • Do you sometimes fear that you love coding and building cool software systems too much and you will end up having a relationship with your code?

    This is totally fine in GoWorkaBit, you know ;)

    GoWorkaBit does not mind if you will not bring coffee to bed ´cause you have coded all night.
    GoWorkaBit will not nag when you haven’t washed dishes ‘cause you wanted to watch the loading spinner.
    GoWorkaBit will not divorce you when you can’t be gentle all the time ´cause time is money and you want to be fucking fast!
    GoWorkaBit will love you for all those things! GoWorkaBit will make you the happiest Developer on the planet.

    We are looking for a Full-Stack Developer to join us in realizing the innovative features that will bring workbites to thousands, no, millions of users.

    You will be developing new features to our software that help GoWorkaBit to be the fastest and the best online platform to connect companies with workbiters in smooth, effective and fun way. To do that, you will be working in our Dev team to create innovative solutions that will apply around Europe.

    Technologies we use:
    Backend: PHP, Laravel
    Frontend: vue.js (there is some Bootstrap around); Foundation
    MySQL, Beanstalkd, Memcached

    GoWorkaBit was founded 2013 to liberate the way we work. Since then we have broken more than 150K hours of work to bites and made 60K users very happy. Our clients love us and and we love the way work is changing with our help.We have been cracking work in Estonia and we have team building up in Lithuania as we speak :)

    We have a team of 10 who all work exactly where they want. Kitchen, bed, beach, bar or office. Our choice. (could be yours too!)
    Besides money and fame, we work for fun and excitement ;) And there has been plenty of both!
    No corporate BS, a bit of kinky humor, great vibe and hard work – that we can promise too.

    So if you want to get to know us more and join the team, send some links of your best work to kei@goworkabit.ee
    More about goworkabit: www.goworkabit.com

    03. august 2016 - 07:42:16 · Otselink